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Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NYC.  A group of 26 members and friends set out on a raucous journey to one of the great epicenters of Italian-American Culture in our great country.  The quality of the products, the variety, and breadth were truly outstanding.  The group had such a wonderful time.  We enjoyed Italian American music on the bus trip up and back while sipping Prosecco with blood orange, freshly squeezed by John Merlino.  Antepasto, in addition to other delicacies, were available to munch on along the way as well. 

The group is indebted to the hard work of John Merlino for putting the trip together, securing the bus ,and cooking delicious appetizers for the boys.  Many thanks to Cristoforo for being our tour guide as he visited his typical stops while introducing us to all the shop owners, with whom he has such great relationships. 


One highlight of the tour (among many) was the visitation of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel; one of the oldest Italian-American parishes in the USA.  Italian mass is still performed every Sunday at noon.  A true gem built by the poor and hard working immigrants no different than many of us knew in our own families growing up.  What a tribute to their faith in God to build such a magnificent shrine from what very little they had.  I can't imagine that any of our communities would give so much of themselves in this modern era to create such a selfless monument to God.  What an example towards which all should aspire.

A truly outstanding time!! 

Can't wait for next year!  Check out the fun below.

Anthony says, "Ciao a tutti"  Alla prossima. 

See you next Year boys. 

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