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Ciao-- generic greeting for hello or goodbye

Bon Giorno- Good morning

Buona Sera- Good evening - may be used to greet someone

Buona Notte- Good night- a more final greeting signifying that you are leaving for the night.

Ti Voglio Bene- I like you very much, I love you.

Ti Amo- I Love You

Altretanto--Likewise and more--a typical response to a compliment to someone you hold in high esteem.

In Bocc'al lupo-- in the mouth of the wolf--  best wishes or good luck - harkens back to Romulus and Remus and signifies that you are protected and safe as a cub in the mouth of a mother wolf.

Chiacchiere- a word that literally means to chat, gab... fare due chiacchere- to have a chat .. this often used to describe or invite someone to go out for coffee, etc. and chat about something or nothing in particular.

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