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La Rasina Rosso Di Montalcino 2013 is an exceptional value at $16.  The nose has some muted dried berries.  The palate is firm, stewed plums, tart cherries, and mild oak lingers in the background.  The tannins finish solidly and linger.  What a wonderful bottle from a very good house.  90-91 pts. 

2011 Vecchia Cantina Redi Argo et Non Briareo Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 

Nose is stewed plums and blackberry. Palate is warm with sour cherries.  Pleasantly tart.  Hint of oak and vanilla. Great round medium tannins. 91 pts. Great value. 

2012 Rengo Valpolicella Ripass Classico Superiore.  Nose with stewed plums, honey, and some smoke.  The palate has initial sweet jam and sour, tart cherry with some clove and spice.  Inital smoke and oak fade quickly.  Tannins are mild but well rounded but do not linger.  This poor man's amarone is a good wine  at a great price.  Amarone is this at extra strength but for every day, this gives you a taste of what big brother has to offer.  90-91 pts.

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